Hydrojelly Mask Facial

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The Hydrojelly Masks are a new generation peel off masks. Hydrojelly is infused with electrolytes and primary made from beneficial algae. The mask creates a vacuum like seal to push all the nutrients into the skin from previous steps of the treatments. It enables a deeper and complete absorption of the nourishing ingredients. This intensive facial gives a luxurious texture while being a potent skin moisturizer.
Algae can instantly hydrate the skin replenishes the skin's natural water reserves and increase moisture-retention capabilities. It produces 60% of the oxygen we use everyday to boost the skin's defenses against a variety of environmental stressors.
Duration: 60 minutes facial!!

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Good for all skin types, our Esthetician will recommend the best Hydrojelly Mask for you!

Wait at least 3 hours to apply make-up
Wait until next day to apply your daily creams (sensitive skin)
Wait at least one week for another facial procedure

Notice: We don't sell the Hydrojelly Masks for you to take home!

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