About Us

Help customers take care of themselves and their loved ones starting from the inside to the outside, so they can live in an Integral Beauty.


Silvia Carnevali began its success story in 2008 when founder Silvia Carnevali started a small specialty in Bioidentical Hormones company called Silvia Carnevali.
In the early years, Silvia Carnevali was a dedicated Mom and Housewife. By the 2000's, Silvia Carnevali began the research for Biodentical Hormones because the condition of her daughter’s Raquel’s poly-cystic ovary. As Raquel start using the products her condition became better and now she has 5 Childrens (3 boys and 2 girls). This is how Silvia Carnevali start distributing Transdermal Cream for the retail market.
We strive to live by them each and every day. They serve as a compass to help guide our business decisions and unite us. The result is stronger relationships with our consumers, customers & business partners.

• Honesty (with our Customers, Consumers & Business Partners)
• Responsability (with the quality of the products we sell and complying with the laws of the countries where we operate)
• Efficiency (in our processes, in the development of our products and our customer service)
• Commitment ( with our Consumers, Costumers, Business Partners)
• Quality (we take care of our consumer because we think he is our boss)
We are Constantly developing new ways to take care of you and your family, starting from the inside to the outside. So you can enjoy your everyday with health and beauty.